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Terms and conditions of DJ lessons

In order for us to provide you with DJ lesson services, the area where lessons are scheduled

to be held at must be an area you and the instructor are permitted to be at during the time of any

scheduled DJ lesson appointment. Conditions of location  must be safe for DJ equipment (Example 

no water leaks that could cause damage to equipment ). Location must have electricity and at least 

(1 ) 3 prong electrical outlet. You must provide safe parking for DJ instructors vehicle and safe entry 

into location of lessons for DJ instructor to transport his/her DJ equipment from  his/her vehicle to 

and from location of DJ lessons. Our company reserves the right to cancel any appointment you

have with us and reschedule another date with you in the event of an emergency such as dangerous

weather conditions. You have the right to cancel any appointments you have with us and set up 

another date with us. If you do decide to cancel an appointment please give us at least 3 hours notice.

In the case you do not give us notice and one of our DJ instructors arrive at your location there will be a

travel fee of $20.00 . If you wish to cancel our services in total, a refund will be given to you of the 

prorated amount of days left over for your DJ lessons. Breakdown of the prorated amount refunded to you 

 will be displayed for you on a  cancelation form presented to you by one of our staff members. You will 

receive a full refund if you happen to disagree with the terms and conditions presented to you by one of 

our staff members and you have already  payed for these services online. If you would like to cancel our 

DJ lesson services before they  begin you will receive a full refund as well if you have already payed for our

services. For these services there will be a one time fee of $375.00 U.S.D for 6 weeks of lessons at 1 hour 

per lesson. Time of lessons will not start until DJ equipment is ready and running. Travel fees may apply 

depending on location of DJ lesson services.Any travel fees you may have will be presented to you before

any agreement is signed, to confirm you agree with fees. Dates and times of lessons will be determined by 

your availability along with ours. Please note we will present you with these same terms and conditions in

order for you to review and sign. Please understand the terms and conditions  contract is an agreement

between you and our company.

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